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ASMC represents MEP Centers from all 50 states and Puerto Rico. From small, rural Centers, to large, urban Centers, each Center possesses expertise in industrial specialties that provides small manufacturers with resources needed to succeed.

Delivering a high return on investment to taxpayers

As a public-private partnership, the MEP National Network delivers a high return on investment to taxpayers. For every one dollar of federal investment in FY 2023, the MEP National Network generated $24.60 in new sales growth and $27.50 in new client investment. This translates into more than $4.3 billion in new sales. During this same time, for every $1,633 of federal investment, the Network created or retained one manufacturing job.

$16.2 Billion

in New and Retained Sales

$4.8 Billion

Total New Investment in U.S. Manufacturing

$2.9 Billion

in Cost Savings

Supply Chain

The MEP National Network’s supply chain management services can help you improve the performance of manufacturer’s supply chain and manage the impact of disruptions. While each MEP Center customizes its services to the needs of local companies, here are some examples of support available:

  • Supply chain mapping and risk assessment
  • Supplier Scouting
  • Process improvement and supplier development
  • Procurement and supply chain management strategy
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The MEP National Network offers an extensive range of workforce services and resources that address every stage of the employee lifecycle. Services include talent assessment and planning, attraction and recruitment, training, and development for production workers as well as leadership, employee engagement and retention, and more broadly creating an effective organizational culture to become an employer of choice.

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Advanced Technology

Advanced manufacturing technologies, or Industry 4.0, involves automating traditional manufacturing processes using technologies such as robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and autonomous systems. Advanced manufacturing technologies can improve manufacturing capability and efficiency.

The MEP National Network will help identify what technologies exist and if they are suitable for specific organizations. Experts can establish an adoption strategy, scope the project, align suppliers with vetted resources and manage implementation to ensure business goals and customer needs are met.

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